Have you been battling with drug or alcohol addiction for some time now? Do you have a friend or a family member who is struggling with addiction? Addiction is a powerful, baffling, and cunning disease that isn't understood by many in the society today. Those who are deep in addiction don't accept that they have the disease and that they are struggling, even if their continued use of alcohol and drugs is affecting them and the lives of the people with whom they live. At Woodland Drug Rehabilitation drug rehab facility, our highly skilled and experienced team offers customized treatment programs to clients who want to get sober. Helping people enjoy the miracle of recovery is our job.

The journey starts immediately a client arrives at our world-class addiction recovery facility. We are committed to making Woodland Drug Rehabilitation one of the best drug rehab centers in the country. We offer full detox services by utilizing the advanced withdrawal prevention practices and protocols, as well as our experienced professionals. The residential addiction recovery program we offer combines 12-step philosophies, various therapies, and other emotional, physical, and spiritual techniques to pave the way for a sustainable and long-term recovery.

Drug Detox Clinic

Even though most of our customers get the help they need after graduation from our residential programs, we also offer longer term addiction recovery programs for clients in need a greater degree of treatment. The detox done in our drug detox clinic prepares customers to get ready to participate in treatment, which often includes individual counseling, group therapies, and 12-step meetings conducted outside and inside the substance abuse treatment facility. Clients can also get specialized individual therapy that is offered by our therapists as deemed necessary by our counseling staff.

Our counseling staff are credentialed mental health and addiction professionals with a passion for showering our clients with care and concern. All of our clients take part individual counseling sessions each week from the staff members assigned to them. This way we make sure that we provide comprehensive, individualized care as clients continue with the addiction recovery program. We make use of this chance to evaluate the progress of each client and motivate them to do better.

Aftercare Programs

Once a client finishes the rehabilitation program at our addiction treatment facility, we provide aftercare services. We know that recovery is not instant and that clients continue to need our support once they leave the addiction recovery center. The counselors will design an aftercare plan that will suit the needs of the client.

Activities at the Addiction Treatment Facility

Our addiction treatment center also has an exceptionally equipped gym with certified trainers. We also offer other holistic strategies, like yoga with instructors, and other outdoor activities to encourage all the residents to keep fit and stay healthy even as they recover. We believe that diet is an essential part of recovery. We will do our best to accommodate individual nutritional requirements to suit the needs of our clients.

Since sometimes addition can affect the entire family, we always offer family programs to cater to the loved ones. This enables them to access essential recovery tools they need. This helps to achieve harmonious relationships in sobriety.

To experience the miracle of recovery, you need to take the first step, and that is contacting us. You will get an opportunity to speak to one of our specialists. Our specialists are trained professionals who will help you understand your condition and give you the specifics of your individual addiction.

We always recommend that you act with urgency. The sooner you reach the path to sobriety, the better. Clients should be placed in treatment when they show the willingness to start treatment. Don't wait anymore. Contact us and change your life!

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