Substance abuse problems and addictions should be treated by professionals at an accredited drug rehab facility. In order for treatment to be effective, it is recommended that a long-lasting residential addiction recovery program be sought.

During this time, attendance at a monitored drug detox clinic will help the individual to understand their addiction and prepare for a sober lifestyle outside of the addiction treatment facility.

Woodland Drug Rehabilitation in Portland, Oregon is such an addiction treatment center. We offer monitored drug detox and specialized therapies to help clients heal and recover from addictions of all kinds.

The Facts About Woodland Drug Rehabilitation Addiction Recovery Center

Woodland Drug Rehabilitation is one of the most successful drug rehab centers in the nation and has helped thousands of individuals recover from substance abuse issues. The following is a list of the key principles that we stand by in our approach to substance abuse treatment.

Everything begins with monitored detoxification.

Before we can start you on a fully fleshed-out therapy schedule, we need to help you detox. This is done with a supervised or monitored approach here at Woodland Drug Rehabilitation.

Our round the clock care helps you to deal with mental and physical withdrawal symptoms so that you can be as comfortable as possible during detox. It is our aim to maintain a high level of care, comfort, and healing while you are going through this phase of treatment.

We get you started with a unique plan right away.

At our addiction recovery facility, it’s obvious to us that no client is exactly like any other. Therefore it’s important that we make our addiction recovery treatment plans adapt to the individual instead of the other way around.

Some drug rehab centers start with clients by laying out what treatment will look without any input from the clients themselves. This is not how we do things at our facility. Instead, we work with the individual to understand the factors that make them unique, and we use those to develop a catered journey toward sobriety.

We use evidence-based therapies.

Our approaches to therapy uses therapies that have been proven effective. We use a variety of therapy types, and we always emphasize an open and honest space for our clients so that they feel completely comfortable.

We are especially proud of the way we handle community-based therapy. Community or group therapy is effective because being in a group allows clients to bounce ideas off of each other, form new friendships, challenge each other, and ask and answer questions. Sometimes, one-on-one therapy can only do so much to help clients, and much of the real healing and recovery takes place amongst peers. At Woodland Drug Rehabilitation, we are proud to have a close and thriving community between our clients and caregivers.

We treat addictions and mental illnesses concurrently.

This is called dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis focuses on both the addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder. The two often go hand in hand when it comes to substance abuse.

We see aftercare as essential to success.

Transitioning to daily life once a recovery program has been completed is difficult. It’s important to remember that ongoing treatment is important. Our clients are well aware of this as they leave our facilities because we prepare each individual with the necessary resources to make sure relapse doesn’t happen.

Learn About Your Addiction Recovery Treatment Options

If you’re currently seeking treatment for a substance abuse problem, call Woodland Drug Rehabilitation substance abuse treatment facility as soon as possible to get help finding a recovery plan. If you need help understanding what options lie before you, we can put you in touch with one of our experienced representatives who would be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

No matter how long you have been using drugs, Woodland Drug Rehabilitation in Portland, Oregon will give you the essential tools that you need for success. Call us today.

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