Privacy Policy

At Woodland Drug Rehabilitation, we take your privacy very seriously. Nothing you say, do, or share while at our addiction treatment center will be divulged to others. We have a policy of 100 percent confidentiality. Everything you say is safe here. Since we have this policy of complete privacy, we ask that you are completely honest with us in return. That we, our experienced and professional addiction experts can have the best chance at understanding your addiction and its underlying causes.
Since we uphold a strict privacy policy, it also extends to your and how you handle other people’s information. We ask that you withhold from sharing anything at all about your group members unless it is completely innocuous such as their name or hobbies. We ask that you don’t share anything about their personal lives, addictions, or the movement of their recovery. Your business is yours and yours alone, and the business of your clients is under the same strict policy.
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