Supervised detox can seem like a scary process, especially when you are in a new environment, like our drug rehab center in Seattle, Washington. But at our addiction recovery center, we believe your safety and comfort is most important, which is why we supervise the entirety of the recovery process. We want you to feel comfortable and secure while your body is cleansing itself of the drugs or alcohol, and we want you to have the peace of mind that you are not going through it alone. Once this step is completed, we are happy to walk you through the rest of the process. You will appreciate how you feel with a clear mind and body.

Our substance abuse treatment facility is equipped to meet all of your needs. We have a few different treatment processes during your stay at our addiction treatment facility, and they all are beneficial to your recovery. We believe that an individualized treatment plan is so vital to your success. This is why we take the time to really get to know you as an individual. We want to make sure we have a treatment plan designed specifically for you and your needs. This helps us make sure you do not become just another number walking through our doors. At Woodland Drug Rehabilitation, will not let you fall through the cracks.

Dual diagnosis is important to us because it allows us to see what else is co-occurring alongside addiction. A co-occurring diagnosis is often a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or depression. Many times, a person struggling with a mental illness will self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, leading to a struggle with addiction. Although the two may interact with each other, each co-occurring disorder must receive targeted treatment in order to be resolved. This will ensure one diagnosis is not neglected while the other is the main focus, and healing can take place in our addiction recovery program.

At our addiction treatment center, we take pride in the safety and maintenance of our facility. We believe it is important for you to feel comfortable and secure while you are focusing on your recovery and sobriety. We know you have more than enough on your mind and more than enough to worry about. Let us worry about your safe and clean environment.

Our drug rehab facility highlights on community, and you will, too. You will be surrounded by a community of people who will be a positive influence on your life during your stay at our addiction recovery facility. When you need someone to talk to, these will be your people. When you feel like giving up, they will encourage you to keep pressing on. You will have the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with the people in our community.

Through our extended support groups, you will find an unlimited amount of support and encouragement. You will have a unique inside look at the stories of others who have struggled with addiction. You will learn to open up and share your own experiences. It is so important to speak openly and honestly about what you have gone through. Shame of addiction can cause you to avoid honesty, but in our support groups, you will find no shame or judgment. Once you learn how to speak with confidence honesty, your real healing can begin.

You may be nervous about the huge life change that occurs when you enter a substance abuse treatment center, and all the steps you need to go through to make that change. You have been wanting this opportunity for so long, but you can't shake the fear. Our facility in Seattle, Washington can be the best place for you. We understand your fears, but we know you can find sobriety and the strength to maintain it for life. We believe in you.

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